Meet Our Leadership

Lore Blinn-Gibson, Lead Pastor,

Ryan Traeger, Associate Pastor/Pastor of Discipleship,

Sandy Anderson, Administrative Assistant,

Charis Vander Plaats, Music Director


Pastoral Team

Partner with the lead pastor to provide pastoral care, sacraments, spiritual direction, and engage the congregation in caring for each other (report to Senior Pastor)

Lead Pastor: Lore Blinn Gibson

Pastor of Discipleship: Ryan Traeger

Pastor of Development: Dan Berger

Pastor Emeritus: Ronald Harshman

Retired Pastor: Larry Johnson


Governance Board

Serve as Staff Parish Relations, Trustees, provide accountability for lead pastor, oversee big picture finances and general budget, determine direction and focus. The Governance Board is comprised of the following church members:

Angie Curtis

Laura Bowling (Chair)

Doug Curry

Steve Holmes

Maurie Denney

Ned Swanson

John Zoss

Wanda Miller

Tom Bisciglia (Vice-Chair)

Also participating in the Governance Board meetings are: Pastor Lore Blinn-Gibson and Church Administrator Bill Fielding.


Management Team

Responsible for ongoing operations to engage the congregation in the mission and vision – they serve under the supervision of the senior pastor

Church Administrator: Bill Fielding

IT Coordinator: Craig Denney

Pastor of Discipleship: Ryan Traeger

Missions/Service Coordinator: Donna Batta

Hospitality Coordinator: Donna Zoss

Worship Coordinator: Sandy Anderson

Director of Community Development: Lyndsy Manz


Other staff and coordinators

Sound Tech Coordinator and Praise Team Leader: Jonathan Manz

Hospitality Team: Donna Zoss, Doris Lintner, Dave Beigh, Greg Shake

Prayer Coordinator: Connie Watson

Song Leader and Communion Coordinator: Lynn Hartwick

Service musicians: Rod Ray, Donna Zoss

Media Tech: Amber Watson