Holy Curiosity- Adult Sunday School- This class meets at 9:20am in the Lounge. Beginning Sunday, May 14th they will read through a 6 week study called Revival, Faith as Wesley Lived It, by Adam Hamilton. Each week stands alone, so you can drop in any time. If you have questions, contact Steve Holmes or Bill Fielding. 

Faith at Work- This class will be offered June 4- July 9 on Sunday mornings 9:30am-10:15am. Each week 6 rotating members of the Grace congregation will talk about their present or past occupations, what brought them to their particular line of work, and how their faith influenced them.

Disciple‚Äôs Path– This class, taught by Pastor Lore, will be offered next in the fall 2017, for those who want to learn about Grace and the United Methodist Church. Participants will have the opportunity to commit their talents, time and service by becoming a member of Grace. Sign up will be on the Action Board.