Meet Our Leadership

Lore Blinn Gibson, Lead Pastor,

Pastor Lore has been at Grace since 2011 leading our congregation and making sure Grace Church, Grace Day Care, Grace Readiness Preschool, and their respective leaders all travel in the same general direction, including hiring/recruiting and supervising staff and the Leadership Team.

Likes: nature, British television, learning new things, making wings, singing harmony, Beethoven’s 7th, trees, the Eagles and a good jam session, and hanging out with family and our dog, Kitty. Going to the Brawlin’ Dolls and the Symphony.

Dislikes: honeysuckle, poison ivy, dust bunnies, bullies, being far away from the ones I love.

Education: Lore is a Warrior (Winamac Community High School), a Sycamore (Indiana State University) and Blue Devil (Duke University).

Family: Married to Dr. Randy Gibson (Clinical Research Nurse Specialist and very, very quiet), Maia (student at UIndy, passionate about education) and James (student at Jeff HS and football aficionado).


Ryan Traeger, Associate Pastor/Pastor of Discipleship,

Pastor Ryan started as a part time youth director in 2012 at Grace and has been growing into more responsibility engaging the congregation to take steps toward following Jesus at each age. In the summer of 2017, in addition to serving as Grace’s Associate Pastor, Ryan was dually appointed to the solo pastor at Brown Street United Methodist. 

Dislikes: balloons, glitter, and Easter grass

Education: Currently enrolled in Course of Study through Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary/University of Indianapolis.

Family: Husband of Amber and Dad to Magnolia (Olie) and Genevieve (Viv)


Sandy Anderson, Office Manager,

Sandy has been at Grace since 1967.  Sandy grew up at Grace and she and Bob raised their two sons here.  Sandy has served in various positions on the Grace staff since 1997 and served as the Chancel Choir director for 15 years until summer 2017. During that time, Sandy’s involvement grew putting her administration skills to serve as our office manager.

Likes:  Music (almost all types but not a fan of rap or country), singing, Autumn, Thanksgiving, being with family, going to car shows and concerts with Bob, working in the yard, a good glass of wine, summer vacations in Michigan, hanging out with friends

Dislikes:  Mosquitos, snow skiing, inflatable obstacle courses (ask her why sometime!), lies, any of the 3 “hangry” moments – hot, headache, hungry

Family: Married to Bob; son Nick – wife Ashley and daughter Arya; son Tony – wife Janelle and daughter Charlotte

Charis Vander Plaats, Director of Music and Worship,

Charis joined Grace in summer 2017 to serve as our Director of Music. In this role she builds, equips, and encourages individuals and groups to provide excellent, inspirational music for worship and spiritual formation, as well as plans and coordinates worship services. She directs the Chancel Choir, Grace Kid’s Choir, and Sunday worship times. Charis also teaches regular music classes to our Readiness and Daycare students throughout the week, and leads them in music for weekly chapel.

Family: Children: Michael (11), Gabriel (7), Raphaela (4)


Pastoral Team

Partner with the lead pastor to provide pastoral care, sacraments, spiritual direction, and engage the congregation in caring for each other (report to Senior Pastor)

Lead Pastor: Lore Blinn Gibson

Pastor of Discipleship: Ryan Traeger

Pastor of Development: Dan Berger

Pastor Emeritus: Ronald Harshman

Retired Pastor: Larry Johnson


Governance Board

Serve as Staff Parish Relations, Trustees, provide accountability for lead pastor, oversee big picture finances and general budget, determine direction and focus. The Governance Board is comprised of the following church members:

Laura Bowling 

Doug Curry

Steve Holmes

Lynn Hartwick

Maurie Denney

Ned Swanson

John Zoss

Wanda Miller

Tom Bisciglia (Chair)

Also participating in the Governance Board meetings are: Pastor Lore Blinn-Gibson and Church Administrator Bill Fielding.


Leadership Team

Responsible for ongoing operations to engage the congregation in the mission and vision – they serve under the supervision of the senior pastor

Church Administrator: Bill Fielding

IT Coordinator: Craig Denney

Associate Pastor: Ryan Traeger

Hospitality Coordinator: Donna Zoss

Director of Music: Charis Vander Plaats

Director of Grace Recovery: Jason Padgett

Service Coordinato: Erika Bonnett

Student Pastoral Intern: Marilyn Sikes

Office Manager: Sandy Anderson

Director of Grace Education Ministries: Anne Hough



Other staff and coordinators

Facilities Coordinator: Matt Curtis

Director of Community Development: Lyndsy Manz

Sound Tech Coordinator: Becci Steeb

Hospitality Team: Donna Zoss, Doris Lintner, Dave Beigh, Greg Shake

Communion Coordinator: Lynn Hartwick

Service musicians: Rod Ray, Donna Zoss

Media Tech: Amber Watson

VIP Care Team: Marti Van Cleef